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*[[Large Format Plotter]]
*[[Audio/Video System]]
*[[Audio/Video System]]
*[[Overhead Projector]]
*[[Overhead Projector]]

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New to HackRVA?

If it's your first time at HackRVA, start with the New Members section. The basics, what to do, where to go, how to connect.

Membership Information

  • Terms and Conditions - Lots of good info. Every member should look this over.
  • Membership Levels
  • Donating - How to donate money or goods.
  • Membership Agreement (pdf) (word)
  • Intro Packet (pdf) (word)
  • Membership inquiries should be sent to the membership and retention management group, via email. [membership AT hackrva.us]
  • One good rule to know up front: Before making any changes to infrastructure such as lighting, walls, major tools, doors, etc, please contact a HackRVA board member in person or by <info AT hackra.us> for discussion.


Workshops and Projects

Events and Groups

Technology and IT Infrastructure

Shop, Digital Design, and Electronics Equipment

Other Stuff

Getting started with wiki