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Who's who among hackers?

If you want to know who does what and who knows stuff they may or may not post it here. Also there's a thingy on the back of the front door.


  • Aaron - Praise the Green LED
  • Dustin - !GREAT with computers
  • Morgan - Acclimate faster!
  • Michael - Treasurer
  • Sean - No I haven't seen it
  • Brandon - Skadoosh
  • Shellie - CAD, electrical, organization
  • JonathanL - BSD+RISC-OS Users Group
  • Jak Trades - Jack of all Trades and resident TinFoil
  • Kent - Photography, science, nature, electronics
  • Catherine - RVA Maker Guild, paper, fiber, 3D printing
  • Will - Noise Lab, Wearable Electronics, 3D printing, CAD
  • Tony - Software developer, sustainable market gardener
  • Mel - librarian, these pages are not in alpha order, curious, textiles!
  • Johnathan V - resident IT schlep
  • Eli - Linux geek, electronics newbie, and radio nut.
  • Matt B - Programs computers and doesn't afraid of anything
  • Lloyd - Professional programmer, (very) amateur electronics