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I currently work full-time in corporate IT while pursuing my M.S in Computer Engineering at VCU.


  • Application Development
    • Preferred Languages
      • Python 2
      • C and C++
      • BASH
    • Focus
      • Parallel computing
      • Distributed Systems
      • Automation
      • User Interaction
  • GNU/Linux
    • Arch Linux and RHEL/CentOS
  • Embedded Systems
    • Microchip PIC
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Arduino
  • Other
    • Hadoop
    • Virtualization
    • Audio Production
      • Ardour and the Linux audio stack
      • Cakewalk SONAR

Contributions to the Space

I supported the 2013 RVAsec badge build by developing the firmware and lending a hand with the hardware fabrication. For the 2014 build, I managed all aspect of the project closely with Paul. If you are interested in getting involved in this project you can contact me directly or keep an eye on the list for the eventual call to arms.