Workshop instructor guidelines

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Workshop Instructor Guidelines

  • This guide is intended to help members create workshop style classes. It is suggestive only. Instructors are encouraged to use their own judgement while planning classes.

Goal of Hackrva Workshops

  • Our workshops are intended to help remove the barrier to entry for maker skills. I.E. Makerbot, Sketchup, Blender, Basic Electronics
  • They Should help newcomers begin to participate in the maker movement

General Guidelines

  • Workshops should last 2 to 3 hours.
  • They should be limited in scope. We can't expect to cover very much in such a short period of time
  • We should try to make them fun. The point is to eliminate the fear starting on their own.
  • They should be participatory. Focus should be more on interactive content than information transfer.
  • Try to spend less time in a traditional lecture
  • Have a project planned for people to work on

Sample Workshop Outline

  • 15 minute introduction.
    • Hey I'm a guy who teaches stuff. I'm qualified because....(I spent a day researching this shit). What are all your names.
    • Go ahead and take the time to get everyone to introduce themselves
  • 15 minutes lecture
    • introduce the material. Remember to limit the scope of the material
  • 30 minutes -Get students to do something and answer questions as they come up.
    • Do something on the projector and have everyone else do it on their computer. Or project or whatever
  • 15 minutes introduce individual/group project
    • Have a project people work on that is short, but allows them to make something of their own. Maybe a contest. Maybe small groups
  • 1 hour - let them work
  • 15 minutes Wrap-up
    • Tell students what to do to keep learning. Remember, the goal is to convince them to continue. To generate excitement and help others participate in the maker movement