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This page documents the process to on board new members to all of the systems at HackRVA.

Print (or find a preprinted copy on the desk) Editable-Member Orientation Checklist
Some of the items on the list are explained below. Go through the checklist and emphasize that the members do what gets done. There is no staff.

  1. Have the new member sign up on PayPal at https://www.hackrva.org/blog/membership/
  2. Have the new member read and sign the hackrva membership agreement (This is a download link. Print it, or you may find copies on the clipboard on the counter over the drink fridge.)
  3. Go to the membership portal ( you must be on the internal network) (There is a tablet on the counter with this running, but it often needs to be restarted.)
    1. Enter the email address that the new member used to sign up in PayPal
    2. If you see an error message that says something like There are no recorded payments in the last month from <email> then either the new member did not successfully subscribe on paypal or they used another email address. Have them review their paypal information and retry
    3. You will then come to a screen where it asks for the rfid tag number:
  • Get the new member an rfid tag from the drawer in the main room, near the drink fridge.
  • Scan the tag with the scanner so it fills in the rfid field on the form (If you run into difficulty, you can enter this manually; the number is imprinted on the tag)
  • Once you submit the form the new member will receive a slack invite and will be able to use their rfid tag. (Sometimes the invitation does not work. You can invite them from Slack.)
  • Test the rfid tag on the outer door to make sure the new member can gain access.