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HackRVA's History

Establishment History

HackRVA has been around for many years. Luke Libraro and Skylar Roebuck; it's founders, referenced it in an email as early as March 20th 2009 and it's initial meetings were held in Skylar's apartment on Grove avenue. While its precise date signing a lease and also incorporating (or at least trying to) are uncertain, the earliest confirmable date is September 14, 2009. On that day an email was sent to Richmond's Richmond Metro Linux Users Groups general mailing list titled "Re: [rmlug-general] MythTV InstallFest and Conference Saturday, October 10th, 2009" where a user asked:

What exactly is Hackerspace? I looked at the wiki, but I'm not sure what to make of it.

Another mailing list user, and later HackRVA President; Carlisle Childress responded with the following:

This probably gives a better explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace

Basically its a tinkerers club - member dues support a rented workshop with shared tools. Public classes are usually done to raise money.

[out dated]As it stands now, they just leased space in a warehouse in Manchester last month and are working through the various government departments to get recognized as a corporation with eventually getting non-profit status in the future. They are looking for donations of parts and tools.

There are meeting every Thurs from 7:30-8:30

Membership is $35 - I'm not sure how many paid members they have right now.

There is a facebook group and a twitter account:



and the wiki: https://wiki.hackrva.org

Everything is rather informal and unorganized but proceeding in the right direction.

Location History

Based on Google Calendar reminders left in users email accounts and Facebook Event reminders left in email the dates associated with HackRVA's prior locations are as follows:

Address Date
211 West 7th Street, Richmond, VA 23224 origin - 2/24/11
1906-E N Hamilton St. Richmond, VA 23230 3/10/11 - 4/4/12
1600 Roseneath Road Suite E, Richmond, VA 23230 4/12/12 - present