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HackRAT Program

R.A.T => Repair And Training


The HackRAT program is our distributed training and repair program for tools and equipment. HackRATs are members at hackrva that help train other members and repair tools. HackRATs will work to train members and fix tools as when they are available. This is a volunteer program, and there may not always be someone right away, but typically someone will help in a reasonable amount of time.

Become a HackRAT

If you'd like to become a HackRAT, contact the appropriate google group and someone will add you.

RAT Kings

RAT Kings are people tasked with forming the core of each HackRAT group and as such are called upon to perform repairs if nobody else is available, acting as a point of contact into the HackRAT group for newcomers to HackRVA, and speak for the HackRAT group at meetings. To facilitate these responsibilities, RAT Kings are entrusted with a degree of purchasing power to acquire consumables, replacement parts, and minor tools such as tape measures, flash drives, or screw drivers (but larger tools such as a jointer or a new server must be made through the acquisitions process).

  • Network King - Vacant
  • Electronics King - Vacant
  • Laser Cutter King - Vacant
  • CNC King - Vacant
  • Wood Shop King - Megan R
  • 3D Printer King - Chell Hecq
  • Vinyl Cutter King - Vacant
  • VR King - Vacant
  • Metal Working King - Vacant
  • Tool Library King - Danny


If you would like training or a tool needs repair, post a message on the appropriate slack channel or email the proper group below:

Slack channels





all @googlegroups.com




HackRAT.toolRats (for Table Saw, Band Saw, Power Tools, & Hand Tools

HackRAT.digitalRats (for AV equipment, space owned computers, gaming systems, LED lights

HackRAT.networkRats (for network issues and network tools)


Training is also avialble in the form of workshops on our meetup.com page as they become available. Sign up to meetup and join the hackrva group for notifications and updates.