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Volunteering at HackRVA

See the tasks whiteboard in the space for tasks that need to be complete. Or email, for more specific details.

(note: we've tried several iterations of digital management systems - so far a whiteboard kicks their butt)

If you are experienced with a tool or know how to fix it, consider joining the HackRAT program

Other Sweet Volunteer Activities

  • Join the HackRAT Program (Repair And Train) to help keep tools running and train others on their use.
  • Lead a workshop (contact us and we'll set you up with meetup and assist with lesson plans if needed)
  • Start a new event (again, contact us, and we'll give you the social media tools to advertise)
  • Improve the Wiki (just create an account, and start adding useful info)
  • Post a project to the maker blog (anyone at HackRVA can be a blogger, just ask and we'll give you access)
  • Research and recommend a purchase (add them to our acquisitions spreadsheet (link needed))
  • Socialize with new folks during open house (Thursday nights)
  • Attend monthly business/board meetings and help figure out the way forward at HackRVA (see the calender for dates)

The 3 Hour Rule If you have an idea about what might make the space better, it's best to discuss with several other members, but we do have an unofficial rule that we refer to as "the 3 hour rule"

It is generally acceptable to make a change to the space as long as it can be undone in 3hours or less (by you,) if it is deemed to be an undesirable change.


HackRVA KanBoard - Improving the Space One Virtual Sticky Note at a Time

We use the HackRVA KanBoard to do tasks around HackRVA.

It's a project management tool for groups to get things done. We use it for things like cleaning, fixing things, and all the rest.

Learn the details here - HackRVA KanBoard.


Volunteer Sign Up Sheet (this is one of our attempts at getting more people involved and worked for awhile. it's being deprecated )