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Coordinators are volunteer-members that have accepted certain responsibility at hackrva. We are always looking for new talent to progress hackrva's mission, so please let us know if you are interested in a coordinator role or want to be active helping an existing coordinator. We believe one of the best ways to ensure sustainability at hackrva is to always be looking for fresh leadership.

List of Acting Coordinators

Kent Durvin - Member Experience

  • Member Experience: Maintains communication with members in real time on facebook and mailing list. Helps mailing list for friendliness and health. Helps guide members to appropriate resources or people for their needs or concerns. Leads and addresses immediate concerns of space such as keeping things stocked and clean etc. Keeps member experience and hackrva values as a focus for business meetings and members.

Dustin Firebaugh - Technical Infrastructure and New Media

  • Technical Infrastructure: Keep internet, computers, and video stuff running. Guides decisions about what to implement and what to buy w/r/t computers and servers.
  • New Media: Takes lead on areas such as video production, novel web assets, video games, human interface devices, animation, digital modeling, and virtual reality. Seeks opportunities to strengthen hackrva in these areas through purchases, events, and workshops.

Megan Roberts - Finance and Facilities

  • Finance: Ensures solvency of space. Pays bills, collects dues, processes donations. Completes budgetary reporting and taxes. Controls space purchasing.
  • Facilities: Leads in considering the betterment of space facilities.

Johnathan Vann - Safety

  • Leads the way on safety at the space. Looks for opportunities to improve our facilities to be more safe as well as training people to be more safe.

John Harris - Social Committee Chair

  • Social Committee develops and hosts various social events for Hack.RVA members. Committee meets every other month (see calendar) and all Hack.RVA members are welcome/encourage to participate.

VACANT - Community Outreach & Diversity

  • Community Outreach: Strengthens our community through event planning. Considers outside events and relationships with other groups in Richmond and abroad.
  • Diversity: Leads HackRVA in issues of member diversity. Ensures hackrva is inviting and comfortable for all people

VACANT - Planning & Communication

  • Planning: Helps other coordinators with their goals and programs. Works on long term plans for space growth and improvement. Looks for global ways to improve space.
  • Communication: Leads updating of website, blogs, and wiki. Works to communicate with members and other related groups in Richmond. Gets the word out about HackRVA.

Specific Task Details

VACANT - Education & Learning

  • Plans and promotes workshops and other teaching events at hackrva.
  • Keeps hackrva knowledgeable about new trends in learning and thinks about how makerspaces fit into the larger scene of education and learning.

Coordinator Openings

We are actively seeking multiple coordinators. Possibilities such as Coordinator for Education and a Coordinator for Blogging/Branding/Advertising are some that have been tossed around. We are also fine with members creating new coordinatorships to encompass a role they are interested in filling or pursuing. Just pitch your idea. Another good method is to work with an existing coordinator with the goal of splitting the "And" in their title, essentially splitting duties between two coordinators for what is currently one.

We encourage any member with the will, determination, and excellence (or a pulse) to pursue a coordinator role. See the the criteria below to get started. There's plenty work, and even more learning opportunities and satisfaction. Talk to one of the existing coordinators or come to a business meeting to find out more.

Guidelines to be Considered for a Coordinator Position

  • Must be a member for at least one year. (Can be waived in circumstances where there is a need and a member seems to fit that need well. Requires board approval.)
  • Must have attended 4 of the last 6 business meetings.
  • Must be considered by existing coordinators and approved.
  • Must teach one workshop and assist in one event during the last year.
  • Must create a clear range of responsibilities for coordinatorship or be willing to fulfill an existing if they are taking over from another coordinator.
  • Must be approved by an up-down vote of attending members at a leadership meeting.

Guidelines for Existing Coordinators

  • Should attend 6 business meetings per year.
  • Should give occasional updates on their area of responsibility.
  • Should recruit a person or committee to assist in their duties if possible.
  • Should run at least one workshop or event per year.
  • Should create a personal wiki-page for our community to know them better.
  • Should try one novel, new, or interesting idea per year of their own devising (or a new twist on an existing one).

List of Previous Leadership

Shellie Lundquist

Nov 2015-February 2017 - Coordinator of Community Outreach & Diversity

Aug 2014-Dec 2016 - Founder and Organizer for Women of Hack

Aaron Nipper

Nov 2015-Jan 2017 - Director Planning, Communication, & Education (Specific Task Details)

July 2013-Nov 2015 - President (changed to directors model in 2015)

Jon L

Nov 2015-June 2016 - Safety Director

Jamie Duncan

June 2011-July 2013 - Head Cheerleader (self-designated - functionally the president)


June 2011-July 2013 - Space Organizer

Luke Libraro

April 2008 -June 2011 - Founder and Owner (before non-profit model)

Skylar Roebuck

April 2008 -June 2011 - Founder and Owner (before non-profit model)

Some Early/Founding Members

Clint, Donal, Jon, Fred, Paul, Ron, Will