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To co-locate something at HackRVA ask someone who would know if we need the tool/item. We may not have room for it or we may have plans to buy one soon.

Once you've established a need for it, bring it in and set it up. It's not a bad idea to put a tag on it such as "co-located by: name".

Most importantly, put the tool on the list below with your name by it in case we need you to take it back. Also give someone your email. If you co-locate a tool and we can't contact you, there's a chance it will be discarded (we will make every effort to talk to you first). If someone ignores our requests to come get a tool for whatever reason, we'll likely throw it out. (It's happened before with people parking their junk that we didn't ask for in the first place - not so much with quality items).

List of Co-Located Tools

Biscuit Joiner             - Danny
Metal Lathe                - Alan Ford
Benchtop Vertical Mill     - Alan Ford
Metal Working Tool Cabinet - Alan Ford
Metal Working Tables (2)   - Alan Ford
Cold Saw                   - Alan Ford
Scroll Saw                 - Alan Ford
Knitting Machine Computer  - Alan Ford
3020T CNC Router           - Paul
Little Bits                - Maker Guild
black & gaming PC          - John Vann