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Please submit acquisition requests and suggestions on this spreadsheet:

Acquisition Spreadsheet

Current purchase research:

Large purchase research examples:


These are the guiding questions we ask when spending HackRVA member money. The word "tool" is used liberally. It could be a hammer, software, hardware, or infrastructure stuff(like lights, tables, storage).

- Does it inspire people to make awesome stuff?

- Is it a "key" tool that all makerspace, hackerspace, fab labs should have?

- Does it create opportunities for a workshop or a sweet learning experience for HackRVA members?

- Does it solve an existing problem?

- Does it solve a problem we'd like to have?

- Is there someone to maintain and be the "keeper" of the tool?

- Are there training or workshops designed around the tool?

- Are there specific awesome projects related to that tool?

- Are there specific sweet events facilitated by that tool?

- Is it a tool that's going to last and be robust under amateur use?

- Will it fit in our space... like physically?

- What are the costs associated with upkeep? Especially with lots of people using it?

- Is there a software component? What is it and how will it be integrated?

- Is it just so mind-blowing we have to have it!

Additional Thoughts:

Getting new stuff for the space is exciting!

When we're evaluating an acquisition we consider a number of variables. There's the normal ones like quality, affordability, and useability. But also we look at how it will be used in our community.

A tool suggestion with a member attached that is willing to maintain and support that tool is highly desirable. A member/tool pairing that comes with scheduled training or events is even better. Having specific projects in mind is good too.

If you'd like to see a tool bought for the space, please let us know why.

Having cool stuff is great, having a bunch of people using that cool stuff is even better.

Ultimately tool acquisitions are decided by consensus at HackRVA monthly business meetings, so please attend if you would like to pitch an idea in person. If you are not able to attend, that's ok too, just let us know in an email and log it on the spreadsheet with a link.