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We have a pretty complete wood shop. Be aware that these are the most dangerous tools we have. Get trained, at least briefly, before using. There are many hazards not obvious to untrained users. The band saw is one of the quietest wood tools we have, but it is very efficient at removing fingers. The table saw can propel a board at your crotch at high speed. Fine sawdust is a proven carcinogen, and composite wood like MDF and plywood have glues and binders. You should wear face mask, hearing protection, and eye protection at all times.

Chop / Miter_Saw –Cuts long pieces into shorter pieces, at angles or square.

Band Saw –Good for cutting straight or curved cuts in wood up to several inches thick. Great at cutting off fingers.

Drill Press –Makes hole in stuff. The stuff can jam on the bit, and spin with a lot of force. It is possible to be hurt. Also, bit can snap off and fly out. Wear eye protection!

Drum sander –Not for sanding drums. A vertical cylinder of sandpaper smooths edges of boards, straight or curved.

Jointer –Used to make a straight, square edge on a long board.

Not complete!