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This page is meant to be a central point for planning to put together a rural location for HackRVA in addition to the current Scott's Addition location. The rural location of this

Planning Stages

Going from concept to realization requires a number of steps to be proceeded through. Broadly, these steps will involve proceeding through the Acquisitions process twice.

Concept Research

The first step is to take a survey of available options. Some concepts that should be pinned down at this stage are broad goals and an approximation of basic costs.

Additionally, possible grants or land grants may be explored which would greatly simplify acquisition.

Location Research

Each locality has a different cost of real estate and regulations. These drastically impact the broader concepts possible in that place.

Membership Meeting Concept Presentation

Proceeding into the acquisitions process, we will need to present a broad vision to the membership so that the process of saving money for a new space can be initiated. A set of competing concepts will be presented to demonstrate varying possibilities and to present justification for the concept chosen.

Membership Meeting Concept Vote

The next month a vote on the concept can be taken to initiate saving to purchase land for the new space. The actual plot will not be chosen at this point as the saving process will most certainly be long.


To start with, the case needs to be made as to what facilities this additional space can have that are not possible at the Roseneath location. Everyone reading is welcome to add to this list. As we proceed with planning we will need to decide on which of these facilities will be included in the initial plan, which will inform the requirements for the space.

  • Community garden
  • Drone piloting course
  • Radio tower

Plot Considerations

There are several

  • Location
  • Water source
  • Septic considerations
  • Wooded lot compared to cleared
  • Power grid connection

Member Expertise

The viability of certain options hinges on members having the skills to do that work and possibly train others in that work. With all the various possibilities for this project a wide variety of skills can be expected to be necessary.

If you're interested in this project please add a sub-section for yourself and note any skills you have that may possibly be relevant to this project.

Matthew Balch

  • Software development
  • Basic electronics and mechatronics
  • Basic woodworking

Similar Projects

After searching, I've yet to find a space doing anything quite like this. The closest similar thing I could find was Hacker Farm in Japan and an article on Hackerlands translated from French.